Brim Branding is the only Chicago-based, woman-owned consultancy that helps emerging CPG brands find their WHY & WHAT, making it easier for them to connect with their ideal customers.


Defining your WHY (Brand Messaging: The HEART of your brand)

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

With more and more food and beverage brands crowding the marketspace, differentiation should go beyond formulation. Your WHY is what truly differentiates you from your competitor. We help define your WHY so you can communicate that to your ideal customer and grow your business. Do you have an idea for a brand and need help defining your brand’s voice? Or maybe you’re an established brand ready for a renaissance; we can help reintroduce yourselves to your target audience. Through workshopping, we help you get to the heart of your brand. After all, a brand is not what YOU say about your brand; it’s about what THEY say, and we want to make sure your ideal customers are having the right kinds of conversations about you.

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Defining your WHAT (Brand Identity: The FACE of your brand)

“There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.” – Mel Robbins

You’ve got heart. Now it’s time to put your best face forward. After we work together to define your WHY, we help define your WHAT. Although branding is more than just about the logo, you still need a logo. Oh, and a brand identity guide. And maybe packaging design. Business cards. Video. A website. Point-of-sales tools. Sales sheets. We sort out the deliverables that make sense for you and connect you with specialists who can deliver anything your brand needs to connect with your target audience.

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Brim Branding’s WHY

Brim Branding (parent company Aerial Ardour, LLC) was founded by Aireen Arellano, who offers 14 years of experience and enthusiasm to her clients. Through word-of-mouth, beverage companies sought Aireen’s design services, and she noticed that the more successful brands were the ones that had a strong brand message to start with, before even beginning to design collateral and point-of-sales tools. Diving into design (the “face” of the brand) without fully knowing the message (the “heart” of the brand), was like polishing up a Lamborghini without an engine.

She also started to see that beverage brands tended to need a basic kit of deliverables to hit the ground running in promoting their products. So instead of having her clients realize those needs on their own, she has a kit of customizable deliverables ready to offer to her clients. And whether it’s a business card, sell sheet, or info card, no space is wasted: Every deliverable has an opportunity to communicate the brand message to their target audience.

As a veteran of print, packaging, and illustration, Aireen has helped develop sales tools and evolve the brand identities of beverage and food companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s.

Along the way, her work has been featured on AdWeek.com, AdAge.com, Forbes.com, and Refinery29.

She also designed and illustrated the 1st Facebook game for a major spirits brand.

Aireen infuses her experience and enthusiasm into every aspect of Brim Branding because she recognizes her clients’ need to put their time into growing their businesses.

We can scale according to your needs. Brim Branding assembles the best team for your job and boasts a team of designers, writers, directors, editors, producers, and developers.

Aireen facilitating a brand strategy session

Let’s find your WHY & WHAT together

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