Case Studies


In May 2016, I was brought on by KeVita’s CEO to work directly with him within an accelerated 6-month timeline to overhaul the brand from the bottom up – from brand guide to POS and sales tools to digital needs as well as the website – and prepare the company for acquisition by PepsiCo in November 2016. After the sale, I continued to execute design and was able to bring company knowledge and history to maintain consistency in messaging and identity during the transition.

Naked Juice

From September to early November 2018, Naked Juice ran their annual Drink Good Do Good initiative, a national retail campaign created in 2015 to draw attention to the fact that that nearly 30 million Americans don’t have access to quality, affordable fruits and vegetables. I worked with PepsiCo (Naked’s parent company) to develop and design digital and retail artwork including OOH signage, produce signs, neck hangers, table tents, banner ads, and social posts for national retail customers including Safeway, Target, Walmart, Costco, and College/University accounts. In previous years, the program included A-list ambassadors like Kristen Bell, Bobby Flay, Tom Colicchio, and Adrian Grenier. This year’s brand ambassadors featured Misty Copeland and John Legend. On September 27, Ellen DeGeneres featured a bit on her show to promote the initiative to 4+ million viewers.


When murmurs of this meal replacement drink made waves on Reddit in the early 2010s, this Silicon Valley disruptor caused splashes and stirs when it debuted its new shake formula 2015. Made from the most essential ingredients for the human diet, Soylent’s brand message and identity are as simple as their product is innovative: Clean, friendly, and modern. I communicated their Soylent voice in the deliverables I executed, including POS and digital tools, package design, and innovation mockups.

Bright Foods

Bright Foods is the new kid on the block turning heads in the fresh food market as “cold-pressed juice in bar form.” Working closely with the founder/CEO, I maintain the brand’s heart and face by executing deliverables which can be described by the company’s name itself: Bright.

VEEV Spirits

I developed the branding from its infancy when the company consisted of two brothers from Chicago with a dream. I have fond memories of sketching early iterations of the logo – and developed everything from consumer-facing packaging, POS tools, sales tools, program tools, and fulfilled digital and internal design needs for their fast-growing marketing and sales teams.

During this time, VEEV was named one of Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America and named one of Beverage Information’s Rising Stars. It was also a recipient of the Technomic Fast 50 Award.

I continued to evolve the brand design until VEEV’s acquision by a leading spirits producer and marketer 2 years later.

VitaFrute by VEEV

After success in the vodka category, VEEV increased marketshare into the ready-to-drink category by launching VitaFrute by VEEV in 2014, the first line of organic and all-natural superfruit cocktails. VitaFrute is a brand comprised of different ready-to-drink flavors positioned as low-calorie, ‘Better For You’ alternative to competing RTDs. I was tasked with developing the packaging and expanding to retail, value-added packaging, and OOH. The unique challenge was establishing the VitaFrute brand as distinctly VEEV (“A Better Way to Drink”) while distinguishing it as its own product with a different target audience. It’s sold in independent and chain accounts across the country including Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Costco and Total Wine & More.


Rare Tea Cellar, an emporium of hard-to-find and unusual ingredients, was founded by food visionary and “gastronomical rockstar” Rodrick Markus. Markus and Rare Tea Cellar have partnered with some of the world’s most renowned chefs, including Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next, Aviary), Curtis Duffy (Grace), and dozens more.As described by Forbes as, “Part Indiana Jones, part Willy Wonka,” Markus sources from over 150 countries, so it wasn’t a surprise that his global culinary sensibilities inspired him to create Balsam. Balsam American Amaro is a bittersweet liqueur made with over 30 ingredients, including brandy, herbs, roots, spices, wormwood and rare teas. It’s served in a cocktail or on the rocks. Its most innovative function: You can add Balsam to any wine to make your own vermouth. I had to honor of working with Markus to design the packaging for the original American Amaro as well as the subsequent labels in the expanding Balsam family: Sweet American Vermouth, Magnolia Aperitif, Rose Vermouth, Private Reserve Vermouth, and Truffe Amere.