TO THE BRIM: Brand Messaging & Strategy Workshop + Brand Identity Package

You’ve got the next big innovation to wow the beverage world, and you need the messaging, voice, and face of your brand locked in before you make your grand brand debut. You can’t walk into your premiere party with a t-shirt that says, “Logo here” in Zapfino! And when people ask you what your product is about, you can’t just say, “Uh, it’s cool and hip”! When you step out onto the stage, you need to be READY with both your brand message *and* your brand identity so that your customers and competition alike turn their heads and pay attention. (Oh, and buy your product.)


  • 1-day Brand Messaging & Strategy Workshop (6 hours) where we’ll explore:
    • Who your brand is
    • What you do
    • Why people should care
    • Brand attributes
    • Customer profiles
    • Revenue Streams
  • Brand Identity Package

Brand Messaging Workshop

You have a general idea of your brand, but you’d like to hone your brand message and voice. We got you! We have a framework for figuring out your distinct voice and audience. After we’re done, you can write your content with more confidence.

Brand Identity Package

You’ve got your brand message, voice, and customer profiles, and you’re ready for a brand identity package.


  • Logo (primary)
  • Logo (secondaries)
  • Logo lockups
  • Iconography
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Branding application samples
  • Brand Guide

Beverage Brand Point-of-Sales Starter Kit

Your brand messaging is solid. Your brand identity is complete. Your product photography is mouthwatering. Now you need to get out there and drive trial. You’re going to need the tools to help you sell.


  • Sales sheet
  • Info card
  • Easel
  • Wobbler
  • Static cling
  • Neck hanger

Brand Stylescape

You’ve got a brand message, voice, and maybe even a logo locked, but you need a visual mood board to have an idea of how it will all work together. We can help! Includes digital files you can take to your agency to execute your campaign.

Packaging Refresh

Your product is already on the market, but you need a refresh. We got you!

Monthly Design Retainer

Your brand is on lock, and the gears are moving. You need a smart, agile consultant who knows your brand – and the beverage industry – to take care of your branding and design needs without worrying about the nickel-and-diming of it all. Look no further than Brim Branding.

1-hour Consultation

You know you need some kind of brand messaging or brand identity refresh, but you’re not quite sure or ready to commit to a workshop at this time. Totally cool! We can connect and talk about everything on your mind.


Brand Messaging

Before we can make all the cool and pretty things, we need to know what drives you. We have a framework to help us determine your brand’s unique voice and help us craft the right message get to the right audience.


Brand Identity

A brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s about what THEY say it is. We create content that gets your customers having the kinds of conversations you want them to be having. You know – The kinds of conversations that gets them buying your product or service.

Let’s find your WHY & WHAT together

Are you brimming with excitement? Awesome! Find out how Brim Branding can help you.

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